The backside barrel by Ramzi Boukhiam

The backside barrel by Ramzi Boukhiam in Morocco

Most surfers know this: it is not easy to surf backside a long, tightly stretched wall. Surfing sounds fun, but having style and flow is clearly another story.

Good news for Ramzi Boukhiam: it has never been a problem for him. It must be said that having this kind of wave at home must help a little bit.

Good news for Ramzi is Moroccan. A place where long swells from the North Atlantic meet the famous pointbreaks of the African continent to create this kind of perfection. And over the years, the goofy has become an expert in how to attack these kinds of backside waves.

Morocco was on fire this winter, and so was Ramzi.

Watch this last clip and watch Ramzi’s technique to put it into practice in the next sessions.
Hit play to watch him go.


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