Frederico Morais in Post-Classic

Post-Classic with Frederico Morais;
A film by Dinis&Gustavo
Filmed and Directed by Gustavo Imigrante; Color graded by Dinis Sottomayor;
Water Cinematography by Gastão Entrudo;
Additional Footage by Jack Taylor, Carlos Pinto, Kiko;
Music by Savanna “Gods We Are”, Dreams to be Awake. 2015
Supported by Billabong, Monster Energy, Moche, Ericeira SurfShop, VonZipper;
Mignot Bros – OuLaLa
Mundaka | 1st of January
Teahupoo by Chris Bryan
Andy Irons, Surf Legend, World Master
Andi Irons Memorial
Mateia Hiquily – Between heaven and earth
Where’s Sancho – Todos Santos